The Appetizing Menus of the Belgian Beer Cafe that You Can’t Resist

Flemish Beer Café, which took its design cues from the legendary Belgian pubs of the 18th century, will take you back in time to the city of Brussels. It is a location to pay homage to and remember Belgian history and its culinary delights, with a fully loaded menu that offers authentic Belgian food, an enormous variety of over 40 kinds of beer, and an ambience that reflects that time period. The best location to sample the huge selection of Belgian beers and Flemish snacks is at a global network of Belgian Beer Cafe. The Belgian Beer Café is the spot you want to go to when you are in serious need of some Flemish stew and fries to go with your Belgian pancakes, mussels, or waffles.

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And so this Belgian Beer Cafe follows up a culture of marvellous tasting fast food and pop culture which remind their customers of a golden era! 

Flemish Beer Café, modelled after the renowned Belgian pubs of the 18th century, will transport you to Brussels’s bygone eras. With a fully loaded menu that offers traditional Belgian food, a vast variety of over 40 varieties of beer, and an atmosphere that replicates that period of time, it is a place to pay respect to and commemorate the history of Belgium and its culinary pleasures.

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Belgian cuisine is well-known for more than just its beer, chocolate, waffles, and fries. In actuality, the history and cultural legacy of Belgium is what makes it the nation that we now like and respect.

With a fully loaded menu that offers real Belgian food and an atmosphere that replicates that period of time, Belgian Beer Café is a place to pay respect to and commemorate the history of Belgium as well as its gastronomic pleasures. Let’s travel back in time to the good – old days while you sit back and unwind.

The Belgian beer cafe offers the ABCs of food pairing with an amazing food menu! To give you a manual for the ideal mashup of beer and cuisine that we offer.


Combine beer with comparable foods. Flavours to improve the tasting experience. Leffe Brune and Mousse are made with Belgian chocolate.


For a delicious overall flavour, pair distinct yet complimentary flavours of beer with food. Belgian mussels steam-coated in their own juice with Hoegaarden. 


For an unexpectedly tasty result, pair beer and food that have radically distinct tastes. Chicken Cornfort and Stella Artois.

These are our favourite pairings, which we recommend going well with any type of food you want to try and beer!

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Served with potato pops, onion rings, potato spiral, camembert bits, filled jalapenos nibbles, triangular queso and dipping.


Served with kidney beans, melted cheddar cheese, and dipping sauce are three nachos.


Melted cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and dipping sauce on top of the nachos. 

The most loved HOPPETIZER that Belgian Beer Cafe offers is here for you, exclusively. 


Cold cuts and cheese selection served with mustard and pickles



Garlic butter, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and jalapenos on a French baguette.

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