The Art of Pouring and Serving Belgian Beer: Tips and Tricks

Belgian beer is popular for its distinctive flavour and pleasant smell, thanks to the country’s rich brewing traditions. However, did you know that pouring and serving Belgian beer requires a certain level of finesse? Nobody wants to sip from a glass that is foamy. While some individuals try to stay away from the foam, others like the fizzing sound it makes. While we can easily remove the excess foam with a beer scraper or comb. The art of pouring Belgian beer involves more than just tipping the glass; it’s about creating the perfect head while preserving the flavour notes. Knowing how to pour and serve your beer properly will make a difference, whether at home or at a Belgian Beer Cafe in Grand Millennium Dubai.

In the article below, we will offer you a few tips on how to properly pour and serve Belgian beer. Whether you’re a seasoned bartender or simply looking to impress your friends at home, these techniques will elevate your drinking experience to new heights! After all, there is much more to it than simply opening a bottle or tapping a keg. Belgian beer’s texture, flavour, and fragrance may all be improved by correctly pouring it. By taking the time to pour the beer properly, you may dramatically improve the drinking experience and bring out the best aspects of the brew. It is capable of creating a moment that is genuinely remarkable.

Belgian Beer

Belgian Beer

How important is the art of pouring Belgian beer?

You cannot overlook the technique of serving Belgian beer. Your can improve your drinking experience by learning how to pour the perfect pint, which requires a certain amount of expertise and understanding.

First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that each different type of Belgian beer has a particular glass and pouring style. For instance, Lambic beers need a lot of head due to their naturally occurring carbonation, while Trappist beer customers demand an appropriate pour with a steady hand to prevent excess foaming.

Second, utilising the appropriate pouring techniques may help preserve the aroma and freshness of the beer. A drink that has been properly served will have a thick head, and this improves the taster’s experience by retaining the flavours.

As a consequence of mastering this process, bar or bistro cafes like Belgian Beer Cafe at Grand Millennium Dubai and Bistro Bar Dubai have achieved improved customer satisfaction levels and are able to serve their customers in a more timely way, especially for those who appreciate the worth of well-made alcoholic drinks. Pouring and serving Belgian beer correctly is vital for both leisure drinking and a livelihood in bartending. You’ll not only surprise your friends by correctly pouring Belgian beer, but you’ll also significantly improve the time you have with the drinks.

Let’s dive into how to pour it the right way: tips and tricks

Belgian beer serving and pouring is an art that demands precision, practice, and talent. Here are some hints and techniques to help you become an expert:

  1. Pour correctly: . The carbonation release will result in a thick, foamy head beer . To reduce the quantity of foam that forms, make sure to pour the beer down the edge of the glass.
  2. Hold properly: Gently pour Belgian beer into steady 45-degree-angled glass with minimum headspace. The carbonation will be released as a result, so that the beer can breathe and give it a thick, foamy head. To reduce the quantity of foam that forms, make sure to pour the beer down the edge of the glass.
  3. Temperature holds importance: For the finest flavour profile, serve the Belgian beers within a certain temperature range. Before pouring a beer, make sure your glasses are cooled in the refrigerator.
  4. Glassware Choice: You can influence the experience of drinking Belgian beer significantly by the choice of glassware. The correct glass will improve the flavour, colour, and level of carbonation while giving it an appealing appearance.
  5. Cleaning is important. If you keep your taps clean by regularly flushing them out, they won’t gather mould or residue from old kegs or chemicals used for cleaning. Rinse the glass with cold water to get rid of any remaining soap or substances before pouring the beer. Following this technique of hygiene  won’t  damage the beer by any unwanted smell or flavours.
  6. Use fresh beer: To fully appreciate the nuanced flavours of Belgian beers, freshness is essential. Take a moment to appreciate the beer’s appearance and aroma before you take your first sip.

If you implement these recommendations and methods into your skill set in the field of hospitality, you will be able to offer customers an unforgettable dining experience when drinking genuine Belgian beers, similar to what Grand Millennium’s Belgium Beer Café provides for those who visit it.


It’s undoubtedly one of the best beers in the world. For every taste, there is a Belgian beer. The way you pour and serve Belgian beer is necessary for getting the maximum joy out of your beverage. The unique flavours and textures from extensive brewing method can only be fully appreciated when properly served.

Keep in mind to select the appropriate glassware for each type of beer, maintain good temperature management, tilt your glass while carefully pouring, and provide enough room for head formation. Furthermore, if necessary,  to sprinkle it with the proper condiments. You’ll be able to appreciate every sip of the rich flavour of best beer as intended by its brewers by using these straightforward tips and tactics for pouring and serving it. So feel free to make yourself a cold one right now!


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